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Colorado musician and songwriter JohnnyFitz hails from the mountains northeast of Bailey. The lifetime Colorado resident has taken an eclectic mix of musical influences to create a unique blend of hard rocking yet at times spiritual rocky mountain music. He has incorporated Native American Flutes, Violins, and a Horn Section along with his hard rocking guitar lines to produce an original and diversified listening experience. With influences from the late, great Tommy Bolin to Carlos Santana, Johnny says, “I think I’ve been influenced by just about everyone who’s ever picked up a guitar,” and it shows in the variety throughout this musical endeavor.

On top of being an accomplished musician and song writer JohnnyFitz was a member of Park County Search and Rescue for twelve years. He has been involved in many searches and technical rock rescue experiences, some of which are reflected in his songwriting and playing. This spirit of volunteering is perhaps why he is donating the profits from this recording to St. Jude Children’s Hospital, The Denver Rescue Mission, The Fight for a Cure, and Park County Search and Rescue.

Listen and enjoy in prosperity!

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