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Using the buttons above, you can purchase digital versions of each track separately or a digital version of the entire album. 

You can also buy the entire album in CD format and have it sent to you.

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Profits go to St. Jude Children's Hospital, The Denver Rescue Mission, Breast Cancer research, and Park County Search and Rescue.

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Johnny Fitz: All guitars, lead vocals, keys
Larry Behl: Fretless Bass
Randy Phillips: Drums
Leon Joseph Littlebird: Native American Flutes
Pat Travis: Vocals
Gene Crout: The Tower of Gene Horns, backing vocals
Kim Anderson: Violins

All songs written and arranged by Johnny Fitz
Produced and engineered by Gene Crout and JohnnyFitz;
Additional orchestration and arranging by Gene Crout
Recorded @ Granite Studio by Johnny Fitz
Mixed and Mastered @ Audio Digital by Gene Crout

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